The Providore by Ethos

The Providore by Ethos
For a hundred years, old stables set behind 100 Elizabeth Street, Hobart had been neglected; left to ruin.
They were rediscovered when local developer, Rod West, asked what lay behind the street frontage and sought out the Council plans. Underneath a century of dust and refuse he discovered a unique building brimming with potential. Rod sought out a chef whose heart was in real food: local and sustainable.
Rod found Iain Todd, now of Ethos Eat Drink. Iain found Chloe Proud and Ethos opened its doors around three years ago.
In April they launched a cocktail bar upstairs. A year ago The Schwartz sandwich bar opened across the road, and during July, Vita: Nature + Culture graced us with its presence.
Now they’re expanding further; creating a premium food hub in Hobart’s West End.
Behind windows shrouded in butcher’s paper, next door to Vita, is a hive of industry; preparations for soon to open, The Providore by Ethos.
Chloe and Iain told This Girl a little about what they’re planning.
A couple of weeks away, the doors will open to a modern bespoke New York style deli.
What’s on offer will be made in house, and what’s not, will be sourced from Ethos’ regular suppliers.
The Schwartz sandwiches will colocate and you’ll find Ethos pastries for breakfast.
It will be a place to eat and shop. Pick up the night’s dinner knowing it will be quality product, served by knowledgeable staff and parceled up with information about how to make the most from the food.
The central feature will be a huge smorgasbord of opulent salads. Like Vita, you’ll help yourself and pay by weight.
I might never have to cook again.
There’s a new bar too.
While they finalise work to the Providore, they have finished renovations to the cellar. You descend into the sandstone foundations of this historic Hobart building by an old iron spiral staircase.
Expect this space to evolve over time. It’s premium, now showcasing the really good booze producers in the state, all Tasmanian, all customised but it’s likely to extend to hosting tastings of local suppliers and other functions.
Keep your eyes peeled for the open doors.
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