Not your average Chikko Roll

Not your average Chikko Roll
Don’t be mistaken, this is not the same as a Chiko Roll, a questionable Australian snack coated in fried thick dough so it could survive a football match. 
It’s Vietnamese street food, served up by Chikko, from Chikko Café Derwent Park, and now at Eastlands Shopping Centre.
On the Eastern shore, you will find some Vietnamese meals served with rice, but mostly the style is food that is easy to grab and eat on the go.
This Girl took James’ Mum to lunch. We shared their Roti Wrap made vegetarian to order, with avocado instead of chicken for $7, and their chicken fried dumplings (pot sticker style) $10 for 10 dumplings.
It was the second time around on the Roti Wrap for This Girl and it didn’t disappoint, in fact the added avocado made it exceptionally tasty.
The dumplings are also exceptional. I would even go out on a limb and say they are the best I’ve had in Hobart.  Delicately thin pastry and full of flavour filling – I’d have them again in a heartbeat.
You’ll also find great service at Chikko Rolls.  We waited around five minutes while our meals were cooked fresh. They also have some meals to select and go from the bain-marie. 
You don’t have to go though, you can also stay and eat with space enough if you don’t want to rush, which is what James’ Mum and This Girl chose to do. 
You’ll find Chikko Rolls located near the entrance doors at the K-Mart end of the ground floor at Eastlands.  They are open Monday to Saturday.
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This is the last time James’ Mum came a blogging with us at Jam and Bread, Margate.

Lunch with James' Mum was courtesy of Taho from Chikko Rolls. Thanks Taho x

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