Vietnamese food in little old Derwent Park

Chikko Café
Chikko Café has been serving up Vietnamese in Derwent Park for a year now. This Girl and her Gore Grind Devotee only ‘found’ them about three months ago.
If you live in the Northern suburbs and don’t know about Chikko Café, you’ve probably driven past it numerous times without noticing. They’re in a quiet part of Derwent Park that is easy to pass by. But you should stop and give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.
Roast Pork Banh Mi (Vietnamese Pork Roll) $7

Devotee is originally from Sydney and the foodstuff he craves most (apart from his mum’s cooking) is Vietnamese Rolls, his favourite is the mixed meat.  You can imagine his delight when This Girl texted him a picture of a Vietnamese Roll asking if he’d like one! Now he’s well known to the Chikko staff, when he calls in his weekly lunch order they no longer need to ask his name.
To This Girl’s delight, the pork that Chikko uses is ethically produced from a farm near Sorell. Their chicken isn’t free range, but they are looking into their options. All of their meat is bought locally from Tasmanian producers.
Everything is made fresh to order, so be prepared for about a 10 minute wait, or why not order by phone so it’s ready when you get there! 
You can eat in at Chikko too. They have a couple of tables, a window bench and some comfy lounge type chairs. Oh and don't worry, it may be cold outside but it is cosy and warm inside at Chikko.
Some of our favourite dishes so far are their Beef Spring Rolls $7, Roti wrap (This Girl asks for it without the chicken) $6, Banh Mi (Devotee’s beloved Vietnamese Rolls) $7, Lamb Cutlets on rice $15.50 and Salted Pepper Calamari $16.50. The rice that comes with the Lamb Cutlets is so nice, we sometimes ask for it to go with the Salted Pepper Calamari.
Salted Pepper Calamari $16.50 - the rice is ordered special - cost depending on the size.  
The above was only half of each the rice and calamari take-away we plated at home.

Chikko were a regular at the Mona Markets this summer and will also be at the Dark Mofo Winter Feast. 
Beef Spring Rolls with marinated fish sauce $7 .  
Yesterday they opened a new venture in the Eastlands Shopping Complex - Chikko Roll serving up Vietnamese street food. The Two Girls are keen to give this one a try, keep an eye on the blog for our review!
You can find Chikko Cafe at 267A Main Road, Derwent Park.  
Ph: 6273 9338 or 0409 342 532 or check them out on Facebook.

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