Taco Taco Revisited

Taco Taco Revisited
Street food first mover, Taco Taco has reinvented itself. Over a year down the track, Matt and Chris’ enterprise is going gangbusters and now it’s also gone indoors.
Phew because winter’s coming.
You’ll still find the boyz and their taco truck in various street locales but on Wednesdays you’ll now find them and shelter at 222 Elizabeth Street.
Formerly Mundy’s Meats, an empty shop front is now a collaboration with Westend Pumphouse. The partnership was born from the owner of the New Sydney (and Pumphouse) who uses the rear of the building for prepping their kitchens. Pumphouse Manager and the boyz are mates and they’ve got a keen eye for enterprise.
It’s pretty simple really, there’s the boyz, the van, upturned apple crates for tables, upturned cushioned milk crates for seats, Astroturf, dimmed lighting, a modest bar and a DJ. And did we say, shelter?
Tacos are $5 each and on our visit there was goat, chicken, pork and black beans. A little pickled bit of yumminess here, a little chipotle there. It was delicious.
For anyone who may have encountered one of their thicker tortillas in the past, those days are gone. The tortillas are perfect.
Now you can have Taco Taco on the street or in a groovy little enclave replete with hipsters and well, the Two Girls!

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Go enjoy yourself.

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