5 restaurant reviews

5 Restaurant reviews

The Two Girls like to eat out and talk about it. In this blog we take a walk through some of our restaurant reviews over the last 12 months. They get a score out of 10 based on the full restaurant experience: aesthetic, menu, service, food, wine list, value for money, the whole nine yards.
Have we nailed it? What’s your take?


The Two Girls have reviewed Charcoal twice. Initially on day two of operations and then a year down the track, after it’s recent occupation by RACV. Find the recent review here.
A year ago, we looked despairingly at the tapas menu, not finding anything that really took our fancy. 'Wanky', was the word One Girl used I believe. But the new tapas has something for everyone and the pizzas are on the up and up, and not dripping in cheese and fat, yay! There are plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options and it deserves a tip of the hat for putting itself out there.
Don’t write Charcoal off for being part of an accommodation chain. It is solid inner-city contender, open for lunch and dinner. It’s attractive, the service is consistent and the prices are pretty good too. We give it a 8 out of 10. We've been back since the last review too.
Charcoal is on Collins Street, opposite Country Road in the CBD.

Roaring Grill

We visited Roaring Grill in its second week of operation. It's a fairly plain Jane doing the best with what it’s got. It is a stylish restaurant with beautifully presented albeit pedestrian food. There are places you can get a better steak.
Yoga woman went last night. Initially excited but quickly despondent after reading the blog review, her text from the restaurant? ‘Hmmm….yr blog post on roaring grill spot on.’ 
We'd give this one 5 out of 10.
Find the Two Girls’ review of Roaring Grill here.
Roaring Grill is on the corner of Elizabeth and Burnett Streets, North Hobart.

Astor Grill

You like red meat? Astor Grill is the place to visit for a great steak. Don't be put off by its stuffy appearance. It might be old world but it’s accessible. Astor Grill is a fairly consistent performer. On this occasion though, there was more oil and seasoning needed for any vegetarian risotto but the desserts saved the day. Astor rated a 7.5 out of 10. 

Find the Two Girls’ review of the Astor Grill here.
Astor Grill is on the corner of Macquarie and Victoria Streets, Hobart.


Contrary to the mounting body of evidence above, This Girl is not big on red meat. Clean healthy Japanese fair is always a winner in my books. Orizuru is another consistently good restaurant. You'll see everything you've come to expect on a Japanese restaurant menu and their own regular specials. The services is casual but very friendly. It gets points for location too. It's a 7.5 out of 10.
Find the Two Girls’ review of Orizuru here.
Orizuru is on Victoria Dock on Hobart's waterfront.


Contemporary Chinese has found it's way to North Hobart. Mulan has made a significant investment in its interior design and has produced a beautiful aesthetic. The food is interesting and has excellent valued serves. The service is...yawn...well it’s true what they say, good help is hard to find... It's a 7 out of 10.

We visited Mulan twice. Find the first review here and for Mulan Take II here.
Mulan is on Elizabeth Street, North Hobart.
Can you add to these reviews? Love to hear from you