redred Grill Restaurant Hobart

As someone who is not partial to a big hunk of meat, it may come as a surprise that This Girl has been to redred a number of times now. The first time, was about a year ago, when it was still fresh, and recently with Boozy Friday Lunch Friend.
The first time I was with Boozy and the Lovely Deputy. True to form, the boys chose steaks. I chose an entrée sized prawn dish. It was lovely. But the boys raved about their steaks and I’ve got to say, they were some fine pieces of meat. More importantly, they were cooked beautifully; completely consistently. There was no overcooked outside and blood raw rare-cooked served up. They sat without bleeding but were perfectly red from top to bottom.
A year or so down the track, it was time to go back. So I took Boozy off for Friday lunch.
Surprise! redred had changed hands.
New owner and Chef-Patisserie, Ben, is keen and working on his own redred identity. But he’s wasn't quite there on our visit.
He’s got some great ideas though. He vouches that he’ll be putting his trade to work, so watch out for some great desserts. You’ll also see four cuts of meat on his future menu as well as other options for people like, well, me.
He’s on to a niche too, afternoon drinks, antipasto platters and cakes, from 3-5 pm. Roll on summer because there’ll be another option in Salamanca.
When we visited, it was still a restaurant in transition. The lunch menu is standard lunch fare. There is red meat aplenty, burgers, salad, and fish and chips.
Boozy had the Scotch fillet. He liked it and it seemed that it lived up to our first experience. I choose the fish and chips because it was flathead, the best fish ever. Except it was a bit sad. And it didn’t taste like fresh fish.
Boozy has a singular obsession with crème brulee, so that’s what he ate for dessert. If he could have wished for anything, it would have been a thicker toffee lid, but he scoffed it down like there was no tomorrow anyway.
I chose the chocolate mousse for lack of any other dessert inspiration. It was befitting its choice.
You can check out the new dinner menu on line here. They've just changed it. But another visit last Friday proved the lunch menu was still the same. It's all pretty standard, you can do better, you can do worse. It might be worth checking out what the brand-spanking new dinner menu is like. If you do, let us know.