Berta in North Hobart

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Yay! There’s a new breakfast and lunch place in North Hobart.
Piccolo has been reincarnated as Berta.
Driving by early one recent Sunday morning, This Girl slammed her foot on the brake, threw the car into one of the many Elizabeth Street car parks available only at that time on a Sunday and went inside.
Breakfast is served between 7.30am -11.30am and then they move on to a lunch menu.
The breakfast menu is to die for.
Of course you can get your regulars like jam on toast, but it's rye, sourdough, Berta's own white loaf, or a fruit loaf for $6.
One of This Girl's most favourite breakfasts ever, smashed avocado on toast with lemon and Persian feta is there for $12.
There’s two parts to the breakfast options, a whole lot of interesting stuff, and eggs. Egg dishes have their own special place on the menu, like smoked pork cheek, golden eggs, fennel apple slaw and black pudding, $19, or baked eggs with spinach, labneh, chickpeas and chilli, $16.
I chose gingerbread hotcake, caramelised quince, pecans and vanilla creme fraiche, $16. It was gorgeous. Possibly as much dessert as it was breakfast, just the way I like to eat.
The Other Girl took willing blog tasters with her on her try. All three of her guests chose the smoked pork cheek.  Gore Grind Devotee said the pork cheek was so tasty that he would only ever eat that when dining at Berta, he had found his holy grail of breakfasts!  The Other Girl who can’t resist an omelet, chose the French omelet with corn and bacon.  It was tasty, not her preferred style of omelet but nonetheless, a mighty tasty plate of food well worth a try.
Berta's clientele are as chic as its former incarnation. But Berta's interior is stripped back, there’s less cane furniture and more retro. It was the makeover that had to happen.
Piccolo was one of Hobart’s best restaurants, so why the change? Well after six years developing and excelling at Piccolo, it was time for a life style change aka different working hours. Never fear, the chef's fantastic desserts still feature, and not just for breakfast, there are several blackboard options to choose from after your lunch.
Reservations for breakfast on business days only, lunch reservations okay on the weekend.

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