Tattersalls Murray Street


One Friday night recently, the Lovely Deputy and I, took Boozy Friday lunch friend into Friday evening. Looking for somewhere affordable in Hobart's West End, and with availability, we noticed Tattersalls on Murray Street has been given a new lease of life. Again.
I've seen many of its incarnations. It’s been a live music venue. Jimmy Little toured his album 'Messenger' there at least a decade ago, with support from Tiddas. It was once a half decent restaurant I ate at a bit. It’s also spent time as a nightclub.
Now it's all those things again.
It's an amazing space. There's never really been a vision for Tattersalls that maximised its potential. Now another entrepreneur is giving it a crack.
Pitched as a beer and food hall, it is has some of the best entertainment amenity in Hobart, albeit a little tired. And that's just the ground floor footprint. Upstairs is now a cocktail bar and dance venue, Wunderland.
We turned up around 7 and found a collection of dining tables in the front, a couple of really long bar tables in the middle section, a range of retro lounge seating, pool tables, an outdoor area and a swag of bar service area.
The clientele were a younger crowd*. It's hard to create ambience and certainly no intimacy in this barn. But it's very social. And there were plenty of drinking customers.
Our service seemed a little new, focused on serving 18 year old women and meals without cutlery.
What we ate:
Carnivore share plate, $22
Salt and Pepper Calamari, $16
Chicken tenderloins, $15

Each of the plates were a decent size so the prices are pretty good value for fairly run-of-the-mill pub food. To be fair, we weren’t looking for fancy-pants dining. We were looking for sustenance before heading out for the night. On this basis, we were pleased with our fill. You can find the menu at the end of the blog post.
The pick was the chicken. There wasn't anything radical about it, crumbed chicken breast pieces served with a smoked paprika aioli, but the addition of the candied chillies (chilli jam) lifted the dish. The calamari was a ‘needle and thread’ sort of dish, you know, so so (insert canned laughter). Thick pieces, overly coated in floor, cooked in oil that should have been hotter. The boys got into the meat platter which had chorizo and salami on it, a range of antipasto bits and pieces, and a selection of dips. I have my money on most of the dips coming out of a packet from Woolies. There was nothing there you couldn't sort for yourself by heading to Hill Street Grocers, or any supermarket.
It’s a BEER hall, which explains the modest wine list. We were decided on drinking sparkling and they had way-overpriced Cloverhill, which left us with the unpleasant 42 Degrees South sparkling. I know a lot of people drink it but that doesn’t make it right. It’s one of the most acidic Tasmanian sparklings on the market.
There's plenty of better places to eat, but if they're booked, or you want something on the more affordable side, go check it out.
It's probably a better option if you want to meet up with friends after work for a drink and then decide to line your stomach.
Find their very smart website here.
*younger than us, by much.