Pop Up Café in NoHo

Sutton's Kitchen Door
Don’t feel like going out? Stay home. Prefer home cooking? Make your own. Want to see people? Invite them over. Want to do something different? Put it all together and get: a pop-up café.
About a million years ago, I used to hang out from time to time with people in the arts and theatre industry. One of those people was Katrina Sutton. Around that time she was operating ‘Sutton’s Cafe’ at the Peacock Theatre. Now she’s established a café and catering business at home.
Hello Sutton’s Kitchen Door, a pop-up café, NoHo’s latest place to be.
The thing about a pop-up anything is spontaneity. Being connected to the zeitgeist is how you know when they’ll next be making an appearance. Thank you social media. This Girl found Sutton’s via Facebook. Thank you Oliver!
My interest was piqued: a temporary café hidden in a home in one of North Hobart’s light industrial streets.
And there was Katrina, her sister Amanda, and colleagues, all doing their thing.
Katrena has opened her home to friends and newbies. And what a beautiful space it is; gorgeous art-adorned walls, books and tasteful furniture fill her huge living area.
Although it does takes a little while for all this to sink in. Spoilt for choice and captivated with the surrounds, it was after my first tasting that I really started to take in the space and realised I was sitting in her lounge room. The give away was the television and a treadmill secreted in a corner.
Katrina and Amanda are two of seven children. You can imagine the invitations to dinner were limited for a family of nine so cooking was something they did a lot of.
The pop up café has been operating this year only and its doors open depending on Katrina’s busy schedule.
Everything on display looked so good and I was cursing my limited capacity. Delayed gratification is not my strength. Why o why can’t I try everything now?
So what I had was:
A rare roast beef slider, $5
Amanda’s Middle Eastern cauliflower cake served with yoghurt and lime zest, tomato chutney and coleslaw with dill, $8
And in the interest of blogging I took dessert to go:
Apricot compote cheesecake in a jar, $6
Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce, $8
Apple cake, $4
There was enough dessert for something sweet after dinner and breakfast. There is something decadent about eating pudding in bed in the morning.
All in all, it was a delightful experience. It was a pleasure to hangout in Katrina’s welcoming, comfortable home, in front of the fire, admiring her aesthetic and enjoying the food.
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