There are a couple of good Japanese options in Hobart. Orizuru is absolutely one of them. This Girl has been a regular for I don’t remember how long, like long enough to introduce the lovely Deputy to the lovely wait staff, Rachel.
I took Yoga-woman, or rather, Yoga-woman took me.
Most restaurants have online menus. Orizuru does not. This is what we ate:
Wakame Salad, cold seaweed medley with chili flake, sesame seeds and sesame oil and a sweet vinegar dressing, $5.
Vegetable Goyza, pan-fried Japanese dumplings filled with cabbage, onions, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, rice noodles, served with a Japanese sauce, $10 (Pork Goyza reads the same with the obvious addition and an extra 50 cents).
Assorted Sashimi of fresh raw fish, tuna, salmon, ocean trout, kingfish and oyster served on a bed of daikon and carrot, $17 for 12 pieces or $34 for 24 pieces.
Spicy Fish Rolls, fresh raw tuna and mayo blended with hot chili spice and toped with spring onion, $12 for 12 pieces.
Vegetable Tempura, a light and crispy tempura batter served with fresh radish, ginger and tempura sauce, $16 for 11 pieces or $31 for 22 pieces.
We had their house sparkling, Deakin Estate – the only bubbles by the glass – or piccolo really, and a glass each of the Pinot Grigio. At this point, memory and note taking fades off into an alcohol haze. But here’s the rub, it’s not an extensive wine list but it has a few Tassie wines by the glass and they have a separate Sake menu. Considering Salamanca restaurant and bar mark ups on wine, the prices are relatively modest.
Yoga-Woman is a BIG Japanese food fan so why choose Orizuru?
We had tickets for a show at the Theatre Royal at 7.30 pm and we were served two courses at our 6 pm reservation and got to the theatre, unhurried with 10 minutes to spare.
Tip: It’s always worth letting your wait staff know if you have to be somewhere though. Never risk not finishing your meal or not getting seated until after the intermission.
Orizuru makes the best tempura in Hobart. They have some serious competition with Kawasemi in Moonah, but not when it comes to the tempura, or the view of course. At Orizuru you get to consider Victoria dock from the other side of floor to ceiling glass walls, a relatively recent make over.

Orizuru is the cosmopolitan end of Mures, a Tasmanian seafood institution, which is otherwise known for family fish and chip fun (downstairs) or middle-class retirees surrounded by wood-paneling (upstairs).
There was consensus that we enjoyed our meal. Yoga-Woman welcomed the additional greens to the seaweed salad for diversity. I loved the spicy tuna rolls which were hot, phfff, phffff, HOT! The entire meal was light, clean and aesthetic.
You will also find old regulars like the Bento Box and sushi and sashimi platters and daily specials.
The one criticism of Orizuru that I’ve heard is that the wait staff are attired a little more casually than the average punter. This Girl reckons there are far worse things you can say about a restaurant. And Orizuru has Rachel, one of the loveliest wait staff in the Hobart hospitality industry right now. 
You can find them at Mures, Victoria Dock, Hobart.

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