Cause We Should All Have High Hopes

Cause We Should All Have High Hopes

If you check in at the website of the Choir of High Hopes it tells you that they help people deal with disadvantage - '..homelessness, unemployment, drug and alcohol issues, mental and physical disabilities, injustice, social isolation and poverty..'

The Two Girls reckon they do more than help. They are social justice in action and they are changing the lives of their members and each of us who bear witness to them.

"..rebuilding damaged lives through the power of song..'

One of the Two Girls became aware of the Choir of High Hopes in early 2008. 

My High Hopes
A workmate showed me a program of their first public performance; she said it moved her to tears.

Not long afterwards, I contacted them when organising an event for Homelessness Week 2008. It was moving; filled with personal stories of homelessness like Natalie’s Story which included Natalie’s Song written and performed by Shirley O’Toole. 
In July 2009, I answered their call and became their volunteer Executive Officer.
It has been a full-on 3 years with lots of work and lots of fantastic moments with the Choir.
The amazing thing about the Choir is that from week to week you never know who will turn up for rehearsal, yet they manage to continue to improve their sound and move anyone who watches them.

Singing My Heart Out
The Choir members have always said, they want a hand up, not a hand out. Last month the Choir launched a brochure for their Corporate Encounter - a strategy for promoting local business involvement with the Choir.
At my first Corporate Encounter, the Choir's Musical Director, Helen told everyone that by the end of the night she would have them up and singing. I thought 'not me!' Boy was I wrong!

They get you to join hands and encourage you to get involved, by the end of the night, I was singing loud and proud with them - it was a really moving experience for me.

The Choir makes you want to sing, in fact at the launch of their corporate brochure, a local politician joined the Choir up front for one of his favourite songs.  It was a magical moment and Choir members were so proud that he wanted to join them. 

The Choir's High Hopes
Last year the Choir performed Journeys, the story of the Choir and the singers, who they are, where they have come from, and how the Choir has helped them.  It moved me to tears. It was a moving experience then and they continue to move me, watching their amazing strength, connectedness and pride.
This week they are preparing for Journeys2 and if you get the chance you should make the time to go see them.


Purchase Tickets Online
This year is also the Choir’s 5th Birthday and they are having a big Birthday Bash at the Theatre Royal on 6 November, tickets will be available from the Theatre Royal Box Office closer to the date.
This year after 3 years of volunteering I have decided to step down from my Executive Officer and Board member roles, however the Choir will forever remain in my heart and I will always be a part of the Choir family.

'small state, big heart, high hopes' it says it all!