AFL Grand Final Day

AFL Grand Final Day

This is the sum total of my knowledge of Australian Football League…..

That was it. I know what the acronym stands for.
I didn’t grow up in a sporty family and if sundry partners, friends and acquaintances have talked about in it my vicinity, I thought they were just bilingual. That’s nice right? But it doesn’t mean I have to learn the language.

Anyway today is the big grand final and I know something else: the Hawthorn Hawks proudly sponsored by the people of Tasmania, are playing against the Sydney Swans.  

Whoopsie moment: when asked by Thursday night’s taxi driver if I would watch the game, I replied, ‘Hell no, but I know the Hawks are playing St Kilda!!!’
Errr…St Kilda have got red and white in their outfits too right?
For god's sake tell me these are the right teams?
I've risen to the challenge this year and attempted a few conversations about one of the few things in the world I do not have an opinion on.

I surveyed Friday afternoon's drinking buddies and happened upon an interesting phenomenon I didn’t understand earlier.
Grand final celebrations are not the sole domain of crazed football devotees.
In fact normal-average-everyday-garden variety people who NEVER watch football at any other time of the season, watch the grand final AND they socialise with food!
Random football sporters hopefully from the same family.
Here’s what they had to say:
‘I’m spending the day with my sister while the boys are down at the shack. We’re getting our eyelashes done, buying clothes and then later, we’ll watch it together,' said Mrs Quite Contrary.

‘I’m having an anti-grand final barbeque. There will be no TVs. They’re banned,' Ms Making the world a better place.

‘I’m going to do the gardening and sort-of watch. Then I’m going to get the pork, veal and stewed apple sausage rolls out and have them with a beer and then a glass of wine,' Shazzy from Somerset.

‘We’re having Jansz, party pies and little saveloys. It’s the only game of football we watch all year,' The Dish.

Then there was the true love waits response: ‘No I'm not watching it or doing anything. I’m saving myself Bathurst. I’m a sucker for anything with eight cylinders, ' Friday boozy lunch friend.

‘I’m going to have a quiet one. I’ll get some saveloys from Hill Street and have a few Sapporos,' Sir Richardo. And for the record that was big boys not little boys…

‘We’re going to my parents’ house for a barbeque. Someone might watch the game but really it’s just a chance for the family to get together and the kids to play with each other,' Last night's company and fellow consumer at 'Frock up hobart'.

Processed meat aside, I’m beginning to think I might be able to run away to this circus after all.
These footballers are quite familiar with each other 'ey? 
I'll be making pizza inspired by yesterday's Bottega Rotolo spring lunch: Shredded pork loin, eggplant kassundi and tamarind yoghurt on Agostino Recca Pachino tomato sauce. Nom nom nom..

Here’s a few other things that I’ve heard about this year’s grand final:

Congratulations to Chelsea Roffey.
Whether you’re watching the football or going to MONA cause it’s the only day you don’t need to line up, have a great day.
Don’t drink and drive.
And eat something fabulous.

The Girl least likely to post today xxx