Where's the Best Coffee in Hobart?

Where's the Best Coffee in Hobart?
Hobart’s got a bit of the coffee-thang going on. There’s a growing number of places to drink it and some are better than others.

The Two Girls are the equivalent of art-bogans when it comes to coffee. We just know what we like!

We’re not here for a technical conversation you’ll have with the best barista or serious coffee connoisseur.
But we are really interested in hearing about your favourite Hobart coffee haunt.

We appreciate that this might be nuanced by things like:
What about coffee drinking habits:
Here are some of our CBD coffee observations. There’s so much more potential out there.  We really want to hear about yours too.

Yellow Bernard 
So everyone has been saying that Yellow Bernard is the go to place for coffee. In their favour, they do ask your preference of soy milk (that matters to one of the Two Girls) but really it was #notallit'scrackeduptobe.

If you like a biscuit with your coffee, the day this Girl dropped by for a coffee-to-go, there was macaroons and a large cookie with white chocolate blobs.

Verdict: boring coffee, smart interior design and groovy clientele.

Buyer beware, there is often a really long queue.

Ecru might just be the newest edition to CBD coffee drinking. We’ve been watching its evolution from afar. It’s really a coffee-hole-in-the-wall but there are clientele willing to wait and/or drink their coffee on the small seating outside the hole. That deserves some respect.

Verdict: rates marginally higher than Yellow Bernard. Although for the record, that rating may have been skewed by the chocolate almond cluster they sell.

Kafe Kara 
Kafe Kara has been a long-term Two Girl fav. The special place held in our heart is as much about the coffee as it is about the food: fabulous buttery muffins, chocolate and salted caramel biscuits, Panini etc. This is where we both get breakfast-on-the-go.

Verdict: unfortunately the coffee standard is not what it was, however, they still make a half decent cuppa, and whatever you have on the side will rock your world. 

Westend Pumphouse
The pick of the bunch for us is Westend Pumphouse with the delightful effervescent Jess front-of-house, making the best takeaway coffees in the CBD. 

They have a small selection of biscuits and muffins to go with your coffee. 

Seriously her coffee is so consistently good there really is no other option for us. We would like to take Jess home. She is a goddess.

Verdict: forget the rest.

Other places we take our coffee during our busy work and social lives include:

Basket and Green, Elizabeth Street  – the coffee is okay but don’t go out of your way.
Raspberry Fool   – this place is about the cakes and pastries. The coffee is a sideline. If you keep this in perspective you’ll be okay.
Zum - not in the CBD but is worth mentioning because the coffee is surprisingly good. They have been doing it a long time.

Where is your fav coffee place?