Sunday Brunch Is Calling

Sunday Brunch Is Calling
It's was Sunday morning - the first week of my holidays and I was heading into work to clear my desk.

I took the long way, it was a beautiful Sunday morning after all.  I enjoyed seeing what the good folk of Hobart were out and about doing.  Mostly they were enjoying a lazy morning at one of our many good cafes and coffee establishments.
Deciding the office could wait, I headed down to Timeless Way in the Henry Jones Art Hotel.

A quiet but busy atmosphere, they have the main cafe seating area and then more seating in the Art Hotel. I stayed in the cafe it was beautifully warm and relaxing.

My latte came as a glass of warm milk with a sprinkling of cinnamon on top.  A shot of coffee came on the side so I could add as I liked.  It's a novel thing to do. The coffee was good. I have no complaints.

My breakfast was good, apart from the homemade hash brown which was a potato patty with bacon. I would have preferred just soft boiled potatoes fried up with some bacon and onion, a hash instead of a hash brown.

My eggs were poached perfectly, the bacon crispy and my toast arrived in a cute little basked wrapped in a cloth to keep it warm.

They also provided butter and jams to have with toast if I wanted, and I wanted. It was Sunday brunch after all!

I have many places I enjoy going in Hobart for brunch, Timeless Way has now been added to the list.

I did finally get around to cleaning my desk by the way.  The other half of the Two Girls was so impressed she took this pic when she got into work!

Where do you enjoy going for Sunday brunch?

What do they do that makes it that little bit special?

Ange x

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