Reputation, responsiveness and the power of social media

Reputation, responsiveness and the power of social media
After some heart break, last week the Two Girls said hooroo to their favourite café, Basket and Green.

This week Basket and Green made a public mea culpa.

Now we’re contemplating reputation, responsiveness and the power of social media.

No doubt, access to social media is changing the face of business and customer relationships.

Business at whatever scale has approached two-way interaction with their customers cautiously and usually in controlled environments.

Social media presents a conundrum. It holds a vast capacity to reach broader audiences with frequency.  But for business, its power for good can as easily be used to create evil. Reputations are at stake and with reputation goes customers, sales and businesses, down the gurgle.

Social media is pushing the envelope on old school marketing which is all about how to influence public opinion. Instead it presents a new opportunity through a two-way symmetrical relationship to have real dialogue with consumers. 

The reluctance of business to get on board is that they can’t control the outcome.

The problem with not getting on board with social media is that they can’t be part of the solution.

Fortunately, more and more, business is using social media to listen and respond to their customers. Some are using social media for deeper engagement with their customers too.

The Two Girls have posted twice about our disappointment with the flailing food at Basket and Green café. 

Today they posted a response on Facebook.

It seems that Basket and Green have found their way back to their customers and hopefully us to them.

We’re going to give them another try.

They’ve been brave enough to face the ether and respond to their customers.

We commend them to you. Let’s go check them out again together.

Thank you Ms G xxx

p.s Of course, if you can get a response from blogging about your disappointment with food, imagine what we can do when we mobilise about things that REALLY matter via social media!

p.p.s Does that mean the awesome veggie burger is back?

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