A friend in need is a friend indeed
Last week we posted about how some friends react when you’re going through the tough stuff.
Judgement and taking sides are often part of the deal. It happens for lots of reasons. Some people can’t support you both. Or maybe what happened taps into their own stuff and what you're doing is just way too challenging. They're overwhelmed by the hurt you've caused. They try desperately to be fair and impartial but end up getting involved. It's hard. For everyone.
Fortunately, like last week's blog post said, there are also the other friends who will make the extra effort to find where you’re at now. They overwhelm you by offering to help you move your stuff, clean up the old place, unpack the new.
The last week or so since that post have been a rollercoaster.  This post is an ode to those people who've gone the extra mile.  These are some of the things they've done.

Random chocolates left on your work desk and your staff who gently bring you back to the present when you're lost in your head.
Long late night phone conversations, totally connected and filled with equal amounts of care and fun.
An unexpected lunch date with a glass of pinot and a fair share of wisdom.
Care packages that will break you in two for different reasons.

An early week after work bottle of bubbles.
More gifts of random humour.
Sustaining a conversation with you when you can barely think let alone string a sentence together.
A YouTube video sent so you remember the world is not just about breaking up, it’s also about cute animals. The message says: Having a crap day? Forget about all your worries for a moment and watch and smile at these beautiful funny creatures living out childhood fun.
A place to stay when you need to escape.
Understanding how much pain you’ve caused, loving you anyway and telling you, your decision and your journey are just about the bravest thing they’ve ever seen.
Thank you xxxxx