Everyone needs a neighbour!

I am in the middle of a fencing dispute so I know there's some truth in the saying good fences make good neighbours.
We’ve had some pretty cool neighbours over the years and a few exceptions…nothing’s perfect.
Don't get me wrong, I love where I live.  
 Up until last November, the best neighbour lived opposite.
Jack was a good egg.
Last year he died.  In memory of Jack I posted some of the things that were important to me about him on Facebook:
His relationship with Dorrie which lasted 69 years until she died a couple of years ago. To Jack, being mates was what it was about ('Duck, she's not much to look at now, but she's me mate' he'd say to me).

He loved Moonah and was proud to be part of the community. He knew we were on a good wicket.
He loved our street and he loved his neighbours. He looked after us. Under Jack's instructions I dismantled the original kitchen in our house with a bevel and the plumbing with a cold chisel. That man had a workshop like no other.
But I have noticed that our street is not quite the same now Jack is no longer here.

Jack was at home most of the time.  We always knew he was keeping an eye on the place when we weren't around. 
Most Saturday mornings we'd end up having a chat when we emerged on the street at the same time.  These conversations always started with what a beautiful street we lived in. Always.

Jack wasn't the kind of neighbour to be in your face. But he did believe in old fashion neighbourliness and he did love Moonah.

 Maybe it's time to take a leaf out of Jack’s book and keep the spirit of the neighbourhood alive.

So we spent some time chatting to the next door neighbours. They agreed to pick up our mail the couple of days we were away recently. We outlined our dog-minding credentials and offered to look after their pup so they could take the Tassie trip that they've been thinking about.

I like that.

What do you think makes a good neighbourhood?