Dear Delightful Ms G Part 2

Lamenting the decline of Basket and Green cafe
Dear Delightful Ms G

I last wrote to you in April. It’s been too long.

I was apprehensive. I just don’t like being disappointed about food. And I don’t like handing over hard earned money without good reason.

For the record, both of the Two Girls have been back since that fateful day in April, but only once.

We weren’t going to give up totally without a fight.

As far as the Breakfast menu goes, the soft scrambled eggs were a bit confronting but I didn’t order them, so I was ambivalent. The french toast, with caramelised bits topped with roasted pear was completely acceptable. Thank you.

Your Facebook page sounded promising. Angela was drawn to the special lamb sandwich a week or so ago. It's fair to say you caught her attention.
Our optimism was stirring, perhaps Basket and Green had found their way back to us. And us to you.

Then there was Friday’s lunch.

If a friend came over for dinner and they ate half the meal, wouldn’t you ask them about it? At least to avoid reoffending them next time.

Our meals were left discarded.

While the photo received interest from Facebook followers, with comments such as 'looks good' and 'yum' alas pictures can be deceiving.

You did warn Angela that the hamburger was served rare.  But it was the equivalent of Steak Tartare in a bun.
I offer an alternative description of the vegetable lasagna: kale leaves, stewed mushroom, béchamel, garlic and wonton wrappers.
Dear Ms G, I fear this is the equivalent of a Dear John letter.

You’ve been good to us but I think the special thing we had is over.

I am sorry if I seem ungrateful. We have had some good times together but they seem a distant memory now. The spark has gone. There’s no more anticipation, no thrill. Now there is only trepidation, garlic breath and a 4 pm craving for carbs.

I did on the other hand, appreciate meeting wonderful Caitlin, who will feature in her own post in the near future ;-)

I wish you well.

Skye xxx

We do have a lot of affection for this café. It’s where we first decided to blog and more importantly, a site where we’ve consolidated our friendship.

If you have had a good meal at B n G lately, tell us about it.