What’s so hard about replacing the toilet roll?

I share my home with two dogs, a cat and two of my favourite men.  
But I've been thinking about some of the household things that seem to be particularly hard for them to do. They're also the things that get on my nerves.
The toilet roll.
I cannot tell you how many times I have walked into the toilet and the toilet roll is sitting on top of the toilet roll holder – conveniently just waiting there for me to take the old roll off and place the new roll on.  

I’ve actually conducted an experiment on this and have found that if I don’t put the new toilet roll on the holder – it never gets there.  
On quizzing the teenager in the house – his response was , I never know if you want the toilet paper facing over or under! 

Last night I walked into the kitchen and witnessed my man open the dishwasher only to realise that the clean dishes had not been unpacked.  He proceeded to close the door and as he turned around he realised he been caught out.  So he re-opened the door and unpacked the dishwasher.  

We joked about how he only did that because he’d been caught.  

The male teenager in the house is often known to pile dishes on the sink instead of unpacking a clean dishwasher.  Who am I kidding – he even does it when the dishwasher is empty!

Some people find starting early helps

You can even find instructions on the internet

They could always join this Facebook site and get support from others who feel the same way about unpacking the dishwasher

And my biggest bug bear, the sliding wardrobe doors in our bedroom.  The opening mechanism must work perfectly well for my man but I’m guessing the closing mechanism must have something wrong with it because it only seems to work for me! 
These are three small things but they do tend to get on my nerves.  Everyone has their fair share, although I am struggling to work out what about me gets on the nerves of the two men in my life?

What are the things in your household that get on your nerves?