Have PJs, slippers, will shop
I walked into the office this morning and one the gals suggested I should look at the front page of the Mercury – immediately I was exercised!
If everyone in Coles looked like this guy it might be different…
PJs being worn shopping! Nooooo! (Oh and seriously The Mercury – the front page!)
If everyone in Woolies looked like PJ Harvey it would be a different story…..
Yeah ok this is a judgement I’m making – people make judgements about people everyday – my view – PJs are not ok to go shopping in – no matter how comfy they are.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the concept of how comfy PJs are.  There is nothing better than changing into a pair of PJs after a long day at work and I try to have a PJ day at least once every two months. 

I’ve also been known to wear my PJ bottoms (with a t-shirt or jumper) to my best friends place for a night of cards.  I’ve even done the late night dash to the cinemas to pick up the teenager in my PJs – but I don’t get out of the car.

Ok, there is no dress code for shopping – maybe there should be – bring on a dress code I say – I along with many others, do not want to see what strangers wear to bed.

Where is the personal pride?  Yes, people should like you for who you are, not what you look like, but please – there is some effort required in life – even if it only involves throwing on some trackies!

While there are some people out there wearing PJs because it's 'trendy', there is the other side that I've seen recently.  I wonder about the situation some PJ wearing shoppers are in, like the young mum carrying her newborn into the supermarket I saw the other day. She was in her PJs, she looked like she hadn't had sleep in many days and obviously needed something desperately from the supermarket.  She wasn't wearing them because they were a fashion statement - she was wearing them because she was desperate to purchase something from the shops.

Was this girl feeling stuck? Where were her support networks I was wondering? Where are her role models? Where was the dad (or other mum ;-)? Why wasn't there another parent doing the desperate dash to the supermarket?

The other Girl About Town might have started this saga with a tale of a PJ-clad woman and kids in the Supe one evening which blew her away. We don't go for groceries in our knickers and sports bra, why PJs? (and p.s some of us don't have PJs and don't go to the Supe in our own version of night-attire for the record). But this woman looked unwell, despairing and like she was doing everything she could to survive.

What's going on here? 

PJs are the ultimate comfort, but they are not a fashion statement to be proud of and they're appearance in public is not to be trivialised.
Just sayin'