Good will currency

There are things you can do for others that won’t cost you much but can mean a lot to them.

The Two Girls have been contemplating the things people do for us that we appreciate. Here are a few examples we’ve seen or done ourselves recently.

Tell a random stranger that they look nice if they do.  It may just make their day. 
We’re remembering:
If you have credit on your Salamanca parking ticket, pass it on to the person waiting for your space, particularly if it’s getting close to 6pm. 
When you’re partner’s been away, look around the house and do some of those things you know grates on their nerves because you usually don’t do them.  You’ll make them happy. 

This is a regular event for Skye and she makes sure she hasn’t left jetsam around the house.  
Being a good-girlfriend-list includes: putting out the garbage and compost, changing the water in the vase of flowers, putting the coffee back in its rightful place, washing up the dishes etc etc etc.

We’ve spoken about toilet rolls so it won’t be a surprise to say that replacing them, particularly so you’re not left having an awkward toilet moment sans-toilet paper is always appreciated.

Tell people how you feel about them. Life's too short to get pent up about feeling vulnerable. If they rock your world, let them know. People like that don't come along that often.  It won't hurt, honest!

Ange was at a Meatloaf concert once when the man in front of her got pushed and decided to seek vengeance. Ange doesn’t know who it was, but suddenly an arm came out in front of her and pulled her from the scene of conflict. You too can be a superhero!
Did you know that Meatloaf’s real name is Marvin Lee Aday? 
Big smiles, hellos and how are yous at people you pass on the street or interact with in a shop.  They’re always nice.

It’s the small things that can make someone’s day.  And they might just make you feel good too.

How do you build good will currency?