Keeping Your Cool...

So I’d survived Saturday 25 Feb 2012 - the hottest day in Tassie for 35 years - by staying inside with the blinds closed and the aircon blasting.  Although the odd trip out to the clothes line almost gave me heat stroke – that said – it was a good day for drying washing and that is something to be happy about, in my book anyway!

The next day wasn’t quite so hot, although it was the equal hottest day in Tassie for 14 years – so it was still freakishly hot to me.  Alas I had plans so had to leave my beautiful aircon and head out for lunch with a bunch of girlfriends – a regular date each month.  

While driving the 10 minutes it took to get from home to Gilby’s Restaurant in Gielston Bay I was dreaming of having a glass or two of bubbles in an airconditioned café … no such luck. 

I arrived, greeted the girls and took my seat, it didn’t take long for me to realise that the only airconditioning I was going to experience that afternoon was at home waiting for me!

Yes they had all the doors open, but circulating hot sticky air does not do anyone any favours! Why was that aircon unit on the wall not on – did they not see us melting into our seats?!

So my plans to drink bubbles turned into diet coke with a twist of lime – very refreshing and the ice was so good! 

All in all though it was a good afternoon with the girls, we laughed we gossiped and we had fun!

Most of us had the grilled chicken burger – very nice and we ended with dessert – I think I made the best choice – lemon tart – lots of the others went for Red Velvet Cake – but I could tell it wasn’t going to be great – I tried Chelle’s and it was just ok – dry and not huge on flavour. 

That said, Gilby’s is, when it’s not the hottest day for 14 years, a great place to get together and really affordable – my chicken burger, lemon tart and 2 glasses of diet coke only came to $25.10, no complaints here – just a little advice for Gilby’s from Ange – turn that darn aircon on!

How did you survive the hottest weekend in Feb?
What’s your favourite place to catch up with friends?