It's all about... Living and Loving Hobart

You have to love this beautiful part of the world - it's early morning and Skye is expecting me at her place at around 10am - I know she's lazing in bed Facebooking and probably reading magazines while I'm heading to Salamanca to purchase donuts - research for our upcoming blog post ... watch this space.

Salamanca on a Saturday morning is the best - and if you get there in the early mornings it is so beautiful  It's totally crowded but also so peaceful - people are just easing in their morning and it's the most relaxing place to be.

Even shopping at Woolworths in the city was great this morning (apart from that rude Mission Australia person - but I'm not going to let her ruin my day) - really relaxed - easy to park, not many people around - I tell you this is the time to shop!

Then a leisurely drive back to Skye's with the sun shining - who could ask for more...  Well coffee would be good and Skye is just getting it ready now - between making a batch each of jam and chocolate filled donuts!

Time now to hit the kitchen and cook up a storm with Skye!

What do you enjoy doing on a Saturday morning?