Donut trivia

We might be a little obsessed.

Here's a few things you may not know about donuts. 

Donuts feature in a 1995 b-grade horror flick called 'Blood and Donuts' a story about a vampire who falls for a girl who works in a donut shop.

The origins of the donut are contested but are likely to have been popularised when the Dutch came to America with the oliebol: oil cake or 'sweetened cake fried in fat'...yum!

There's a National Donut Day in the U.S.  It's the first Friday in June and was initiated by the Salvos in 1938 in recognition of women who served donuts to soldiers during WWW1. Yep that’s right, not vegetables, not water, not medication. Donuts. Only in America!

Skye's mum had a donut batter dispenser when she was growing up but she NEVER used it.

The first Donut King franchise opened in PNG in 2 September 2011.

The term ‘donut’ is unkindly used to refer to antisocial behavior in a car.

Someone more obsessed with donuts than us, wrote The Donut Anthem to the music of Advance Australia Fair and you can find it on You Tube.

Robert Downey Jnr as Iron Man waits for Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury in a donut shop. This is only mentioned because Ange fancies him.

The donut should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It's found in many cultures and as such, has the capacity to build bridges and bring people together to try all the different types in stomach-filled harmony.  Alternatively, it could cause wars…with countries fighting over the best donut....hmmmmm......

Of all the sweet stuff you can eat, donuts are the least likely to cause you tooth decay.

For the purposes of donut research, Skye also accosted a couple of Tasmania police officers at Raincheque Lounge, North Hobart.  Unlike their American counterparts, they don't eat donuts.