Post Office 176

Post Office 176
Café, Art Studio and Gifts
Blessed be Hobart and its creative inhabitants, striking out with new and innovative ideas, making a contribution and creating community.
Last night was the long awaited opening of Post Office 176 which has been slowly revealing itself to New Town Road. This morning they were opened early for breakfast and The Lovely Deputy and This Girl called in.
The former New Town Post and Telegraph Office, originally opened in 1842, has reopened in 2015 again as a community hub.
Don’t be fooled by the vintage red post box at the door. Instead, step inside to a sun-filled café, vintage shop and arts space.
Tanya La Paglia and Pomeo Marino are the energy force behind Post Office 176. Pomeo is steering the kitchen and Tanya has filled the space with collectibles and art. Post Office 176 is transfixing, every detail appears curated, and you’ll want to touch everything.
We sat in the front room and warmed our bodies fresh from hibernation with new spring sun. This Girl started with a clementine biscuit and our coffees were served in mugs reminiscent of my mother’s 70s kitchen.
We ate some of the best value breakfasts around: eggs benedict and a tomato, spinach, mushroom, avocado omelette, $13 each. That was two breakfasts, two coffees and a biscuit for $35 thereabouts.
Downstairs there is a vintage gift shop with toys, tea towels, little dresses and the like. Upstairs are arts spaces and art you can buy. Outside there is another large art workshop space. While we were there, preparations were at hand for today’s sustainability sessions funded by the Hobart City Council. Sustainability, recycling and repurposing are all part of the Post Office 176 plan. The plan also includes encouraging groups to use the space for arts and other workshops and they’re encouraging creative people to connect through Post Office 176: a place to make and sell work.
It’s a promising contribution to Hobart’s community and as we warmed our blood we chatted with outgoing New Town resident and first mover, @iamcraigclark, learning new things about the locals and dog loving cafes. Post Office 176 seems like the sort of place you’ll chat with a stranger and end up making a connection and it's dog friendly.
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Post Office 176 is located at 176 New Town Road, New Town. They open from 7.30 am and close at 5 pm on Mondays to Tuesdays, 8 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. There’s a breakfast and a lunch menu, they’re doing pizzas for dinner and they’re licensed.
Here’s a site with some information on the history of the post office.  

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