Cuchara at Apartment 808

Cuchara is a new café-bar, part of the world of Apartment 808 that is developing in the old Tattersall’s building in Murray Street, Hobart.
Tip: cuchara is Spanish for spoon.

After seeing recent reviews on the Eating out in Tassie Facebook page, This Girl and James’ mum headed along for lunch.  
If you’ve been in Hobart awhile, you’ll know the venue from one of its other lives. You could easily be swallowed by this huge space, but we were welcomed and invited to take our pick of seating.

We were just after a quick bite, so we shared the nachos for $10 (you can add pulled pork for $3.50). We also ordered the elote, their spicy herb infused crumbed corncob. Now while it was tasty, and the owner did give us a little discount so we didn’t pay the asking price of $10, we probably wouldn’t order it again.
The nachos on the other hand, were well worth their $10 with delicious hand-cut chilli and lime nacho chips made from fried pita bread and topped with salsa and sour cream, and served with sides of guacamole and salsa.
We noted the very reasonable priced cocktail menu and decided to return for after work drinks with the Other Girl, the Lovely Deputy and some of our other work friends. 
They’re charging around $15 for a range of standard cocktails. They’re made well and we like that getting more than change for a bus fare from $20 when ordering a drink.
On our Friday night, there were a few teething problems with the till, but the service was friendly and the cocktails went down a treat. 
You’ll notice when you go there they are still in the middle of some renovations, halted by the Christmas holiday period.
The south of the border food is very now and it’s good drinking food. The cocktails and the Tex-Mex food is a selling point for Cuchara. Ambient lighting and creating niches within this cavernous space will also be important to making a go of this venue. The Two Girls are looking forward to seeing how this space evolves over time. You can keep up-to-date with their goings-on by liking them on Facebook here.
Apart from following us of course, another good way to find out what’s new in Hobart’s food scene is the Eating out in Tassie Facebook page. Find it here. Their menu is there too.
Cuchara is part of Apartment 808 and you can find them at 112 Murray Street, Hobart.

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