Hobart hole-in-the-wall cafes

Hobart hole-in-the-wall cafes
Twenty seats max and a table-cloth sized kitchen, that’s a bite-sized eatery (The Mercury, Monday, 15 September 2014).
Not only are these establishments improving this town’s vibe, they’re increasing Hobart’s dimensions, extending its perimeter, making for a more liveable city with foodie precincts.
The Mercury crowd sourced a damn fine list of fifteen hole-in-the-wall eateries (you can find their list and links to our reviews at the end of the post).
The Two Girls have another ten. Some of these places are off the beaten café track and others are right under your nose. Here's our map.
Can you think of more?
1. Yellow Bernard, 109 Collins Street
Yellow Bernard is beautiful: the service, space and staff. They seriously lifted the bar on coffee in Hobart when the opened three and a half years ago and they haven’t looked back.
Owners Scott and David are doing awesome coffee with an absolutely devoted following. People queue for coffee here.
There’s a few tables outside and a bar table along the window inside. Otherwise it’s mostly coffee to tote and a few sweet treats made by Scott’s mum, God bless her. 

They’re open Mondays to Fridays, 7 am – 4 pm.
Find them on Facebook here
2. Villino, 30 Criterion Street
Villino is a Hobart coffee institution. They do seriously good coffee and sell a range of baked goods sourced from Zum and Manna Bakery and some they make themselves. Café Manager Ellie is warm and welcoming and it’s the sort of small café This (klutzy) Girl gets a little nervous in. (My mantra - keep my arms by my side and DON'T swing!) More big crowds of devotees at Villino.
They’re open Monday – Friday 8.00 am – 4.30 pm and Saturday 9.00 am – 3.00 pm.
This is their webpage here.
3. Raspberry Fool, 85 Bathurst Street
Raspberry Fool is a quaint café where you’ll find Australian classics with a modern blessing. Food that evokes nostalgia, like your grandma used to make or better: wagon wheels, savoury crumble, cinnamon French toast with honey, yoghurt and figs and meatloaf sandwich. 

They’re open weekdays, 7.30 am – 4.00 pm and Saturday 8.30 am – 3.00 pm.
Here’s our Raspberry Fool post.
Find them on Facebook here
4. Doctor Coffee, 33 Salamanca Place
Five years and still going strong in Salamanca Place. A serious coffee establishment. Okay they might have a few more than 20 seats but they're small and if you average it out over their Collins Street cafe then they're a fit. Two homemade Oreos for five dollars. Yippee!

They’re open Monday to Friday, 7.00 am – 3.30 pm.
Find them on Facebook here
5. Atlas Espresso, Corner of Macquarie Street and the Elizabeth Street Mall
Coffee lovers spill out of Atlas’ door. But don't fear, you won’t wait long for your coffee with up to nine staff behind the modest counter at any one time. One of the things that sets Atlas apart is their selection of little bites. While everyone else took the turn off to Giant Muffin Town, Atlas took the road less travelled and have excelled in an array of sweet and savoury morsels. 

They’re open Monday – Friday, 6.00 am – 4.00 pm.
Here’s our Atlas Espresso post.
6. Macquarie Chambers, 137 Macquarie Street
Seating six and room to swing a cat, Macquarie Chambers enjoys a loyal following for their right-on coffee and lunches mostly to go. On the small but eclectic menu of hot meals (around $9-11) you might find Garlic-chilli chicken tortilla with corn relish and spicy mayo or Penang lamb curry, coriander pesto and rice. There’s a few sweets (the lemon syrup cake is a winner). Everything to eat is made by owner, Ester.

They're open Monday - Friday, 6.00 am - 3.00 pm.
Find them on Facebook here
7. Next door, 149 Collins Street
Next door is a narrow slip of a thing, tucked discretely in between a hairdresser and a takeaway. Its walls are lined with repurposed doors ie they were doors now they’re walls…
Anyway, it makes for a groovy little space with great coffee and Jean Pascal and Summer Kitchen goodies, and their own muffins. Go say high to Manager Mark and get some brekkie or lunch.
They’re open 7.00 am – 3.00 pm weekdays.
Find them on Facebook here
Find out more on the Summer Kitchen Bakery here
8. Kinoko Deli, Shop 8, Trafalgar on Collins
Deli and eatery, Kinoko has extended Japanese lunch options in the CBD further than sushi. Yay!
There are five lunch sizes, from a salad dish for $4 to the large bento box with your choice of two main meals like ginger fried Scottsdale pork with sweet sauce or grilled citrus pepper Nichols chicken, rice, two salads, pickles and omelette for $16.
Don’t diss an eatery just because it’s in a shopping centre.

They're open Monday - Friday, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm.
Find Kinoko on Facebook here.
9. Bottega Rotolo, 141 Bathurst Street
Here’s another hotspot on the outskirts and another deli doing food. The customer service is excellent and there’s coffee, European cheese platters from their cheese room, Italian Prosecco, panini made up in house and cakes sourced from Daci and Daci. 

They're open Monday – Friday, 8.00 am – 6.00 pm and Saturday, 8.00 am – 4.00 pm.
Here’s their website
10. Lesley Black’s Chutney Food Café, 118 Melville Street
In the middle of Tasmania’s hibernation season when you’re more likely to see a closed sign or shorter opening hours, the Chutney Food Café opens its doors. Lesley Black's Chutney Food Cafe is breakfast-on-the-run breakfast at its best. A small selection but a great mix of sweet and savoury options and good coffee to go with. 

They're open Wednesdays - Fridays, 7.00 am - 11.00 am in the colder months.
Here’s our post Coffee with Winter Opening Hours. 
Of course there’s even more, but can you recommend another bite-sized eatery in Hobart’s CBD?

The Mercury’s 15 bite-size eateries:
1 The Standard, Hudson’s Lane, Liverpool Street
2. Brat Time, 53 Elizabeth Street, Hobart Mall
3. Ecru Coffee, 18 Criterion Street
4. Small Fry, 3/129 Bathurst Street
5. Little Missy Patisserie, 151 Argyle Street
6. Shoebox Café, 21A Elizabeth Street
7. Chulo, 98 Patrick Street
8. Straight Up Coffee and Food, 202 Liverpool Street
9. Pigeon Hole, 93 Goulbourn Street
10. Pollen Tea Room, 56 Hampden Road, Battery Point
11. Preachers, 5 Knopwood Street, Salamanca
12. Rin, 167 Harrington Street
13. Crumb Street Kitchen, 144 Harrington Street
14. Pigeon Whole Bakers, 24-32 Argyle Street
15. Parkland Espresso, 3 Salamanca Square

Here’s the link to the original online article in The Mercury