5 observations on moving house

5 observations on moving house
There’s nothing fun about moving house.
If it's one thing I know it's kitchens and late on the Saturday afternoon of the move, I refused to leave until the kitchen was pretty much done. On my hands and knees, and feeling one hundred, I called out, ‘So how old do you feel? The Lovely Deputy replied, ‘Well I feel my age. This is not the elixir of youth baby.’ ‘Aint that the truth.
The next day, the carpet cleaner turned up too jovial for a Sunday morning and asked with a smirk, ‘So how’s the moving going’. Recognising his sadist trait, I replied, ‘Fantastic! I can’t get enough of it!’
Reconciling two households means we now have a refrigerator shelf full of half used chutneys and sauces.
The Lovely Deputy has vast quantities of patience and stamina. What I lack in these gifts I hope I make up for in cleaning and organisational skills. It seems like a perfect match. 
The best way to end a move is to drink cocktails. And so we found ourselves at Pumphouse for a belated breakfast martini, pork sliders, fries and excellent service.
And the for those interested in the Editor’s cut, the sixth observation is that tomorrow morning when I wake up, he’ll be there, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after that…