MeatUs@FoodStop NoHo

‘Can someone tell me about a new place in North Hobart I heard about doing delicious souvlaki?’ asked a recent Facebook post.
If you’ve ever been clubbing in Hobart or went to Elizabeth College, you’ll know the Hobart institution doing takeaway at all hours on Elizabeth Street.
It’s had a facelift.
Now meet, MeatUs@FoodStop.
Gone is the uninspiring interior of the former 24 Hour Stop. Painted walls crisp white, café seating galore and cleaned within an inch of its life.
They’re licensed as well, so it’s no longer just a late night stop on the way home. MeatUs@FoodStop is now a place to enjoy a leisurely lunch or casual dinner with a drink or two.
This Girl has read many good things on the Eating out in Tassie Facebook page about the revamped digs and decided to give it a go before heading out to my Wednesday darts night. I chose the lamb pita wrap for $9.50, which came highly recommended by the friendly staff. 
I expected your usual souvlaki type wrap, but I was pleasantly surprised that I got that and more.  The beautiful flavours of tzatziki melted into the smokey lamb and was accompanied by lovely fresh salad veggies. It was an amazing souvlaki and a big hit for me.  What I most enjoyed was the pita was not your regular thin wrap. It had much more body and was light and fluffy all at the same time. I could have happily eaten it dipped in tzatziki alone!
I went back a few days later with Devotee and Lady P. I stuck to what I knew and ordered the wrap again, while Lady P ordered their crumbed prawns and chip pack for $14.00. Devotee couldn’t resist ordering their Meat Us Monster Burger for $16.50.  The staff were convinced that he would have trouble eating this double beef pattie, double cheese, bacon, egg, onion, tomato and lettuce combo.  Never to be defeated, Devotee scoffed, and added BBQ sauce. 
On our way home Devotee admitted he’d been challenged by the almost 1 kilo meal but he does not lack determination and managed to finish the beast off.
Tip: The Meat Us Monster Burger is not for the faint hearted.
Lady P loved her crumbed prawns, so much so that she was very reluctant to give me a small piece to try.  I managed to coax a small morsel from her, teaching her fair play, she did have some of my wrap after all!
We also ordered a small packet of chips for $5.50, which we couldn’t finish. A little special, the chips come with a sprinkling of spices that give them a beautiful flavour.
For This Girl, the only downside was the polystyrene packaging. There are plenty of compostable cardboard products available for take-away now and we’d like to encourage MeatUs@FoodStop to sustainably evolve.
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