Scrambled scam!

Scrambled scam!
The Two Girls enjoyed our breakfast at Salt a few weeks ago so much we decided to reproduce their scrambled pesto eggs, roasted tomatoes and harissa chutney on Salt's speciality flat bread.

So we called up Youssef from Salt…'Oh point of order!' one Girl says to the other Girl, ‘Now we’re WE!!’

OKAY, One Girl called up Youssef and asked to take him up on his 'kind' offer to make us our own serve of his delicious flat bread.

The conversation went a bit like this:
Y 'How much do you want?’ 
TG ‘Does it freeze?’
Y ‘I reckon’
TG ‘Twenty pieces, 'cause we're going to share. How much will it cost?’
Y ‘Not much.’
TG ‘Great! The other Girl will be around Sunday at 10am to pick it up.’
Consumer advice: when a retailer doesn’t know how much something is going to cost, get them to work it out and RING BACK!!!
Although we were both still in shock and needed two glasses of champagne to calm our nerves we decided for the sake of $80 'worth' of flat bread we would carry on valiantly.
Oh la la, the finished product aka a $4 piece of bread
For the tomatoes (which were better than Salt's FYI):
Cut the tomatoes and mix them with olive oil, fresh thyme and oregano, salt and pepper, and sugar to taste. Roast in a low-moderate oven until cooked – let’s say about 20 – 30 minutes.

While the tomatoes are cooking, make your pesto:
We used two bunches of basil; one small packet of pinenuts, and took Jamie Oliver’s advice and didn’t toast them to maximise the creaminess of the pesto; four cloves of garlic; parmesan; and olive oil to taste. Don’t forget to also add seasoning. Process all your ingredients.

For the harissa chutney:
We used homemade chutney and mixed in harissa paste, again, to taste. We keep Cap Bon harissa made in Tunisia on hand. You can make your own if you fancy but it is a bit of an effort for a product that doesn't have a long life.

Everyone has their own way of scrambling eggs, this is what we did:
We used four eggs each, courtesy of some local plastic fantastics (thankfully THEY WERE FREE!). That's the equivalent to three the size of bought eggs. 
Ms and Ms P Fantastic.
p.s the eggs were still good, xxx
Lightly whisk the eggs with some milk and season to taste. Scramble the eggs over medium heat in a Teflon frying pan for ease of cooking and cleaning. We added in the pesto once cooked but decided that next time we would add the pesto to the egg mix and cook it together to enhance the flavour and maximise the meal's heat for serving.
We figured the cost of the flat bread included the cost of the oven tray, except he asked us to return it!
What to do about bread:
And of course you too can ring Youssef and see if he’ll make you some of his flat bread that 'won’t cost much' or you can just go eat there. They serve the entire meal for $16 and they’ll wash up for you.
It makes a big breakfast and One Girl felt it necessary to remind the other Girl that she was neglecting $2 worth of bread by leaving some on her plate.
'I don’t care how many eggs you leave but at that price, I’m not leaving any of my bread!'

Overall we think we did Salt’s breakfast justice. God only knows that was the only justice served today! 

Yep, we are feeling a bit silly and ripped off. Or perhaps One Girl is feeling silly and both Girls are feeling ripped off....

And, so what are these Two Girls doing next weekend? 
Eating bread!!