Handsome hombre living and loving Hobart
The Two Girls decided to mix it up a bit and interview a boy about town. 
We would like to introduce you to Richard Gilmour aka Ricardo, Richie Rich, Hollywood, the Gas Man (check our Richard's looking forward to long hot spa in the Tas Gas advert!) or to his nearest and dearest, it's just Dick.
The handsome hombre
We thought we should do more than just look at him which we get to do most days at the office.
Instead we decided to find out more about what makes Richard tick. 
He is a boy about town and you're likely to see him out and about at Hobart-places-to-be-seen-at and he's got a few tips to share.
Richard may be pretty but we have discovered that he’s also a good bloke with a big heart as well. 

So we took him to lunch at Bottego Rotolo to get to know him a little better over a bottle of Balestri Valda.
Where's the third glass?
Talking about love
We decided to cut to the chase.
Two Girls (TGs) - We know other girls about town will want to know, are you single, available for dating?
Boy - Yes, I'm single and I am on the look out for the right girl.
When asked if he’d ever been a fool in love, the boy is reflective.
Boy - Yes - once , I learnt that it is a fine balance to work out when enough is enough. When is the right time to walk away, are you potentially walking away from something that with a little more effort could be special?
But what the Boy wants the most is the girl of his dreams, strong emotionally and intellectually and someone he can have fun with. It’s a great thing. He’d also like to have a family if he could find that right someone.
It's all about balance
What’s not to love about Hobart
Richard likes to think that he is the original North West coast bogan but he loves Hobart for all the right reasons. Reasons the Two Girls share. It is the perfect mix of culture, wilderness and is a reasonable sized city so that if you want to do something, there is generally something on.  
Chillin' at the Raincheck Lounge
‘I love that within five minutes you can be out in the bush getting lost somewhere’.
He enjoys mountain bike riding in Wellington park and he also likes a bit of a bush walk. He especially enjoys dog friendly places where Max, his loveable Boxer dog can tag along like Pelverata Falls
He's a boy who likes being out in the thick of it. Man, environment, dog....
Max chillin'
Hot Hobart food and drinking tips
He's a social blowfly.You might just see him anywhere.
His favourite restaurant? He’s got two.
‘For a boys night out, you can't go past a good steak at the Ball & Chain. For a date however, Piccolo is my choice’. 
Piccolo where he wines and dines the female of the species
The Two Girls like the fact that he makes an effort to make a lady feel special or at least doesn’t subject her to a grill and salad bar. That's a Girl About Town thing.

The boy about town is a big fan of the Mojito and he assures us that his mate James or Kingo makes the BEST and he would follow him around Hobart to drink his creations (Kingo was last seen at the Westend Pumphouse but has already moved on....). Other tips include:
Raincheck lounge 
But for the record we know he’s been seen in Hobart’s newest establishment Jack Greene.

How’s his form in the kitchen
Richard reckons he can give the pots and pans a good rattle. He knows his way around the kitchen and he’s known for making Indian, his signature cuisine.
‘I used to work with a Fijian Indian colleague. He gave me my first curry kit. He now sends me care packages of his family’s garam masala mix. It looks like a drug package’.
'What shall I cook for tea tonight?'
Things not everyone knows
The Boy About Town has a bit of a passion for music. He used to rock it out in the school band on the guitar.  These days he's into electronic music, more specifically progressive house.  Sasha is his preferred DJ and he also likes Dave Seaman who has a regular radio cast on Frisky Radio (you can download the Frisky Radio App on your iPhone).

Not only does he like listening to progressive house, this boy about town is a bit of a DJ himself!  
He has a turntable set-up in his house and while he used to have a regular gig at Proller, now Ivory, he enjoys just doing gigs at mates' parties these days.

He got his love of Boxers from spending time with his grandfather who bred them.
It is all about Max, totally
He’s developing his renovation skills by working on his old school sandstone home with its challenging 1950s extensions to tackle. His motto: just one room at a time.
Interesting mix of interests and skills huh? This boy's got it goin' on.

Every boy aspirations
The boy about town has intellectual aspirations. As if he didn't have enough stress in his life with his high- powered public service job, he's enrolled in a Masters at the University of Tasmania.

He also wants to travel and write and he’s dreaming of taking 12 months off and doing something totally different with his life. We feel a travel journal or his very own blog coming on...

His heart
Richard is driven by his heart. He is sitting in a senior role with Housing Tasmania, delivering capital construction and major reform projects. Working with the not-for-profit sector has raised his consciousness and he’s the most focused he’s ever been on the end-user, Tasmanians on low incomes and in need of housing assistance. Richard’s no stale public servant.
‘A lot of people don’t have a connection with the people we’re actually working for. Without them we wouldn’t have a job. They're who we are here to serve'.
He’s connecting with the heart of his job and that’s a good thing. We hope he finds his one true love and shares some of that good heart stuff with them too.