A night out on the town with the work mates
The Two Girls have been drinking with work mates recently and we’ve discovered a few things.

Some of them have nice tooshes (for the record, this is the view of only one of the Two Girls!).
You should leave any night on the town before your male work colleagues get drunk and gropey (One of the Two Girls wants to know why they think they can do this? Hey dude it’s my body and I’ll decide who freakin’ touches it!).
HANG ON A MINUTE!!! That’s crap! 
You should tell them to keep their hands to themselves or they won’t be invited to drink with us next time. 
The Two Girls refuse to be limited!

You should leave the night of drinking before KFC closes (HANG ON A MINUTE!!! Both the Two Girls now need to declare that we’ve just been enlightened about how KFC uses rainforest pulp for their packaging. Oh for an ethical junk food!).
Tell KFC it's not okay!

You sometimes learn stuff about your workmates that will surprise you – expect this – respect this.
Some things you learn about your work mates will make you want to know them more. 
You may be a wee bit inebriated but sometimes there’s sharing that matters. Go with it!
You have to book dinner.  Tapas or nibbles will not suffice.  You need real food. Particularly since you can’t go to KFC now.

Not every night will end in boogying the night away to 80’s music in tacky land – so when you get the chance to dance – do it!  Jammin ‘til the break of dawn…
Master Blaster - jammin til the break of dawn!

It’s nice to debrief about work if that’s what you are arranging the drinking for – but if not – leave work at work.
You don’t have to say everything that comes into your head.  
This is good advice at any time of the day or in any social situation. Particularly if it is an observation of someone’s person. Just sayin’!
Don’t drink too fast and drink some water. You’ll enjoy Saturday so much more!
Do you have a tip for a night out with the work mates?